Find me

Do you know the story of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu getting into an argument? I’m talking about a story from the Hindu mythology. They were arguing about who came first into being after the creation of the universe. After a while, they decided to solve it with a competition. They were standing beside a “Ling” or “Shiv-Ling” that was supposed to be infinite. Lord Vishnu started looking underground while Lord Brahma went up to find its top. After going up for a very long time, Lord Brahma saw a flower falling down. When he asked the flower about what happened, the flower told him that he has been falling for a very long time.

I’m just like that flower. I have been falling since as long as I can remember. No light in my sight, no ground to feel, nothing I can get hold of, just I alone and falling. It’s been so long, I have forgotten how I came into being. Asking myself questions, arguing with myself, expecting answers from my own imaginations and other stuffs of solitude. I’m in the dark, lost and afraid. I’m falling, someone hold my hand. I’m lost, someone find me. I’m tired. I’m tired of falling, someone support me. If this continues, I won’t need a fall to break me; I’ll break without anything touching me. Find me, please; I’m lost and alone.


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